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Which Side Are You On?

In light of our current political situation it is up to each of us, regardless of party affiliation, to answer the question: Which side are you on? Democracy or one-man rule? Equal treatment for all or government that protects a privileged few? Courts that apply the rule of law or rule by autocracy?  The simple truth expressed in the US Declaration of Independence is: “All men are created equal,” which we have updated in our day to “All persons are created equal.” This means that equal justice must be a part of the enforcement of our laws, or the rule of law will be lost in favor for those who bend it to their own personal advantage. This is what has happened in Russia, Poland, and numerous other countries that started on the path to democracy in the twentieth century. Equal justice now has begun to collapse in this country and it is up to those in all walks of life to band together to prevent it from further deterioration.  The US Constitution establishes government in the n

Progressive or Moderate? Yes!

Democrats are tying themselves in knots about which of two camps they should align themselves with, the moderates or the progressives. As a Democrat who does not fall neatly into either camp, I think both wings of the party have their strengths and weaknesses and can learn from each other. Progressives have understood and critiqued the corrosive effect that the power of large corporations and wealthy individuals has had on our government, while moderates have understood the necessity of democratic compromise. Combining the best of both will increase the chances of the party’s success at the polls and in governing. Progressives have seen clearly how the dominant force in American politics for the last 40 years has been the aggressive promotion of the interests of the affluent at the expense of the rest of us. Elizabeth Warren names this phenomenon corruption, while Bernie Sanders talks about oligarchy — government by the few for the few. Standing up to such corporate power is mo