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Herd Mentality

On September, 15, 2020, during a televised town hall, President Donald Trump stated that the best way to defeat Covid-19 is to establish "herd mentality." He probably meant to say “herd immunity” but couldn’t think of the words. Looking at his history, “herd mentality” is clearly what he most believes in. For his entire career Trump has expected those who follow him to fall in line, regardless of the validity of his views or statements. His inability to listen and work with others has led to a career plagued by failures and bankruptcies. Only those willing to put aside their ideas of what is right and wrong or what is true and false have earned themselves a place on his team. Trump creates a false narrative about what is real that his followers believe while ignoring his moral and leadership shortcomings. America actually is worse off under his watch. These include the environment, education, the economy and health. Wildfires and floods have increased due to climate change