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Only You Can Prevent Voter Suppression

 My wife and I have just spent an hour at the kitchen table, writing postcards to total strangers. We are two of thousands of people in this election season doing the same. Many of you will know the drill. We write to tell people that they may have been purged from the voter rolls and how to reregister to vote. We write to provide information about early voting. We write to inform about upcoming primaries. We try to inspire, as much as hastily written postcards from unknown writers can. “Your vote is your voice!” “The November election is crucial!” We punctuate with exclamation marks!   We’re volunteers with Reclaim Our Vote, but we could also be working for Swing Left, Vote Forward, [1] and many other organizations [2] that write postcards and letters, make calls, text, all with the aim of encouraging voter turnout. It sounds like a grand success story for our democracy: voter-to-voter contact to get people to participate in that most democratic of all institutions.   But it als