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Interview With James Madison

 You hear a lot from conservatives these days about the "original meaning of the Constitution," which they claim to know. So I decided to ask the guy who knows more about the Constitution than anyone living or (in his case) dead, James Madison. Madison more than anyone is responsible for the final document. Our dialogue went something like this.                  -So Mr. Madison -James please -Okay James. Let me start by asking you about the Supreme Court decision from about 10 years ago, Citizens United. Congress put limits on the ability of corporations to give to political campaigns. -Corporations? Giving money to political campaigns? -Yeah. That’s a thing nowadays -Do political campaigns really need a lot of money? -Are you kidding? Money for TV advertising -TV? -Microtargeted internet ads … -Are you even speaking English? -Look take my word for it. Politicians need boat loads of money these days. And corporations have a lot of money they’re willing t