How I Vote

I vote for principles, not individuals. People are fallible, but principles are enduring.

I vote for democracy, a word not heard from the "leader of the free world" for four years.

I vote for decency and human respect, which have deteriorated in our country to unprecedented levels. 

I vote to resurrect the American dream based on belief in the dignity of every human being regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or background.

I vote to restore the economy and economic opportunity for working people who struggle day to day.

I vote for freedom of speech and thought, once championed by a political party that now has become a cult which says and does what it is told.

I vote to restore science, because ignoring it has led to over 200,000 deaths in our country and environmental deterioration.

I vote for a woman’s right to choose what is best for herself with her doctor.

I vote to restore international cooperation to overcome the effects of climate change, to work together toward world peace, to once again make the U.S. an international partner for the good.

I vote for freedom to participate in religion — or no religion — which is a founding principle guaranteed by our Constitution, but not for the freedom of to impose one’s beliefs on others.

I vote to restore respect to our military and veterans who have been maligned and used as political pawns.

I vote to ensure that violent actions based on extreme ideology are condemned and prosecuted.

I vote to promote education as the most important influence on the development of young minds so they understand, practice and promote democracy, or “Government by the people, for the people and of the people,” all of the people, to ensure democracy for future generations.


Steve Zolno is the author of three books on democracy, the latest being “Truth and Democracy” (May 2020). He can be reached at



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